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Empathy & Wonder

How can empathy help us to see the person behind the face?

In studying Wonder, students will explore the themes of prejudice, acceptance (and self-acceptance), and the role of empathy in helping us see past others’ differences.


Students must use their learnings to create an idea that will reduce prejudice or non-acceptance amongst new Year 7 students. They must also re-imagine the story of Wonder as if their empathy idea had been used   


Key tasks

  • Text study. Students will explore the themes of self-acceptance, prejudice, and empathy in Wonder. They will consider what lessons what can be taken from the text and applied to their own lives


  • Empathy in the world. Students will consider and explore groups within society who may suffer and experience prejudice and for whom empathy may be lacking. Students will consider how the lessons of Wonder should be applied to the world around them 

Key facts:

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Curriculum information

English – Wonder

ACELT1619-21 & ACELT1625 | VCELT372-375 | EN4-1A, 4-5C



15 - 20 lessons

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