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 Hands-on, real-world learning in every classroom

Increase  engagement and  improve understanding with practical, hands-on projects that can be easily incorporated into any subject.

Why PBL?

Increase engagement

Students taught through PBL are not only more engaged than other students in the classroom, they end up doing more study outside of the classroom as well. Read more

School in lockdown? eduSTEM's PBL units can all be accessed via our online platform, enabling students to experience hands-on learning from home. Explore our platform here


Step 1

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Step 3

Pick Your Project

Pick Your Subject

Sit Back and Relax!

Choose a project that will emotionally engage your students. Each project is built around a real-world problem and students must apply the content that they are learning to develop a solution


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Projects can be integrated into one or more subjects in order to emphasise and reinforce key curriculum topics. Each project is mapped to the relevant curriculum

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eduSTEM provides all teacher and student resources for the unit, including student workbooks, lesson plans, and assessment rubrics, so it is easy to start! 



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