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The Future of Food

How can we ensure that every community in the world will always have access to food?

Students will investigate the link between our biomes and food production and consider how biomes have been altered and used by humans for agriculture.


Students will consider the sustainability of our agricultural practices whilst also exploring the need for increasing food production to feed a growing global population.


Using what they have learned, students must develop a plan to more sustainably manage our biomes whilst also lifting food production 


Key tasks

  • Can we feed the world in 2050? Students must explore the challenges faced by the way we currently use our biomes for agriculture – like rising soil salinity and decreasing water resources – to consider the problems we might encounter in trying to feed a rising population 

  • The future of food. Students must investigate innovative approaches to food production to determine whether any of them might be suitable for their chosen focus biome. This includes an experiment to test the effectiveness of hydroponics in growing crops 

Key facts:

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Curriculum information

Geography - Biomes & Food security

ACHGK060-064 | VCGGK133-138 | GE5-1, 5-2, 5-3, 5-5



15 - 20 lessons

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