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Project Moonshot

How can rockets and space travel be used for the betterment of humanity?

Students will explore the physics of flight and its real-world applications through the context of rocketry. Students must simulate everything that is necessary for a rocket launch and must also investigate and define the functions of space travel into the future and how rockets may hold the key to the continuing success of the human race.


Students will apply this knowledge to the design, build, and launch of their rocket! 
NOTE – this unit requires the use of model rocket kits which must be sourced separately by the school   


Key tasks

  • Rocket design. Students must determine whether their rocket needs to be modified to carry the payload which they need it to, based on the mission they are commissioning space travel for 

  • Plan launch. Students must mathematically estimate everything from the fuel burn rate, rocket launch height and trajectory, and rocket weight to ensure the launch is a success and that they can retrieve the rocket when it lands back on Earth 

Key facts:

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Curriculum information

Science - Physical Sciences – Newton’s laws of motion

ACSSU229 | VCSSU133 | SC5-10PW



15 - 20 lessons

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