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Open for Business 

Is every country better off as part of the global economy?

Students must examine global connectedness through the lens of a developing nation.


Each student must adopt the role of a different cabinet minister & consider the impact of increased interconnectedness through tourism, trade, the economy, and on its culture.


They must make a recommendation on whether the country should be ‘open for business’!  


Key tasks

  • Exploration of connectedness. Students must explore the likely impact of global connectedness on an emerging economy. They will consider the impact on tourism, the economy, trade, and local culture, drawing on a series of case studies to enhance their understanding 

  • Cabinet negotiation. Students must stand in the shoes of different Government ministers, each representing a different portfolio, who must decide whether opening up the country’s economy will be a positive or negative. Students must then debate and negotiate as a Government on what the right decision is for the country as a whole  

Key facts:

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Curriculum information

Geography - Geographies of Interconnections

ACHGK065-069 | VCGGK139-143 | GE4-2, 4-3, 4-4, 4-5



15 - 20 lessons

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