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Making a Better World

What is the most important way to make a better world?

We can’t turn on the television or open a newspaper without seeing news about conflict, natural disasters, or suffering somewhere in the world.


Students must answer this question: What is the most important way to make a better world? They must create an idea, a speech to be delivered to the UN, and start a movement to inspire a generation!  


Key tasks

  • What does a ‘better world’ mean? Students define what a better world means to them and choose one change they can fight for. To do this, they should investigate how different people would answer this question and decide whether creating a better world starts at a local or a global level 

  • Inspire a generation. Students don’t spend much time building a solution in this unit. Instead, the focus is on how students can inspire a generation to stand up and get behind their issue through language or the creative arts 

Key facts:

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Curriculum information

General PBL Elective



15 - 20 lessons

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