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Laying Down the Law

What laws do we need to keep ‘Big Australia’ liveable for all?

Students are tasked with creating new laws that will ensure our society remains liveable and sustainable amidst increasingly rapid urbanisation.


To do this, students will need to understand the legislative process, how laws are enforced, and how the public can influence the laws that Parliament makes 


Key tasks

  • Choose issue to regulate. Students must explore the current challenges of increasing urbanisation, explore their ability to be regulated, and then investigate which arm of government (Executive, state, local) has legislative power over it 

  • Increase parliamentary support. Based on the parliament in power, students must determine how to pitch or ‘sell’ their law to that party to ensure it aligns with their current political stance. They should also think about how to use direct democratic action (through protests, lobbying, or campaigning) to influence the Parliament to pass the law 

Key facts:

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Curriculum information

Civics & Citizenship – Government & democracy; Laws & citizens 

ACHCK048 & 063-064 | VCCCG018 & 020; VCCCL022-023



15 - 20 lessons

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