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Introduction to Design Thinking 

How can we use Design Thinking to solve problems?

This skill-building project introduces students to Design Thinking. Students examine what it means to be an innovator, build crucial collaboration skills, and adopt the ‘fail fast’ mindset of prototyping.


Students apply each stage of the Design Thinking process to a capstone challenge, built around addressing one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals  


Key tasks

  • Collaboration & prototyping. Students define what it means to collaborate well with their peers, and how to take an idea from concept to creation quickly and cheaply, and then put these skills to the test in a series of short hands-on challenges


  • Design Challenge. Students must work through a Design Thinking challenge to tackle one of the Sustainable Development Goals. They must identify a problem to solve, develop potential solution ideas, and create a prototype to test their idea 

Key facts:

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Curriculum information

General PBL Elective



15 - 20 lessons

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