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How We Changed Our Minds

How did we change our minds about how our Universe began?

Using the context of the changing beliefs around the origin of the Universe, and citing the development of hypotheses and the procurement of evidence from studies as being key factors behind the change in belief, students must create a short story called ‘How to Change a Mind’.


The story should be written as an instructional manual for anyone who wants to learn more about the origins of the Universe  


Key tasks

  • Exploring creation stories. Students explore creation stories from Indigenous Australians and other ancient cultures, examining how and why these stories were used to make sense of how our world came to be 

  • Exploring the Big Bang. Students look at the evidence now supporting the Big Bang theory and our current models and explanations for how the Universe was created 

Key facts:

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Curriculum information

Science - Earth & Space Sciences – Origins of the Universe

ACSSU188 | VCSSU129 | SC5-12ES



15 - 20 lessons

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