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Feeling Electric

How can we use electricity and electromagnetism for communication?

Students explore concepts of electricity, electric circuits, and electromagnetism to develop an understanding of how to create and regulate the flow of electricity through circuits.


Students must use this knowledge to create two signalling devices to ensure that they can be rescued off the desert island that they are trapped on   


Key tasks


  • Food power. Students generate electricity using food as their power source. They experiment with different foods to determine which ones are best suited to producing and sustaining an electric current 

  • Homopolar motor. Students explore the concept of electromagnetism by creating a homopolar motor to generate electricity through the movement of a magnet 

Key facts:

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Curriculum information

Science - Physical Sciences – Energy & electricity; electrical circuits

ACSSU182 | VCSSU130-131 | SC5-10PW & 11PW



15 - 20 lessons

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