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Combating Corruption

How can we resist and overcome corruption?

Every country has some level of corruption and, like in Trash, often it is the poorest people who are most in need that suffer from it the most.


Based on their study of Trash, students must create a guide, or set of recommendations, for how young people should fight against corruption in the world today.


They can use this to write a creative story, based on a real-world example of corruption, for how someone should act and what they should do to defeat it   


Key tasks

  • Text study. Students will explore themes of power and corruption in Trash. They will consider what lessons what can be taken from the text and applied to their own lives 

  • Corruption in the world. Students will explore one example of corruption in the world. Students will consider how the lessons of Trash should be applied to the world around them and whether corruption is a part of human nature 

Key facts:

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Curriculum information

English – Trash

ACELT1619-21 & ACELT1625 | VCELT372-375 | EN4-1A, 4-5C



15 - 20 lessons

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