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Australian Voices

Is there one Australian voice?

As a team, students will develop an understanding of what this means and decide if various voices naturally combine to form one Australian voice.


They will analyse a variety of texts to ascertain the different voices that make up Australia and search for any commonalities between them.  


They will work together to define the concept and write a set of guidelines for a competition that has ‘Australian voice’ as its theme, then will create a submission to the competition 


Key tasks

  • Australian voice investigation. Students will explore different Australian texts to consider what might have been defined as a ‘traditional’ Australian voice. They will then consider how this might have changed over time as Australia has become more diverse

  • Tell the story of an underrepresented voice. Students will examine which voices in Australian society are underrepresented or not heard. They must present on that group/person/voice and explain why their voice should be heard and be recognised as part of the ‘Australian voices’ canon 

Key facts:

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Curriculum information

English – Voices of Australia & The Happiest Refugee

ACELT1619-21 & ACELT1625 | VCELT372-375 | EN4-5C, 4-6C, 4-6D, 4-7D, 4-8D



15 - 20 lessons

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