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Abandon or Adapt?

Should humanity abandon Earth or stay and adapt to climate change?

Students will investigate the impact of climate change on Earth’s ability to continue producing the resources (like water) we need to survive.


At the same time, student will explore the feasibility of humanity colonising another planet in our solar system. Weighing all the evidence, students must make a decision on whether the fate of our civilisation is best served by abandoning Earth or staying put and adapting to the challenges posed by climate change.


Depending on what they choose, students must develop a solution to help us either reach and survive on a new planet or moon, or to help us adapt to a warming world


Key tasks


  • Rising sea levels experiment. Students will model the impact that a warming world has on polar ice caps to determine whether it is melting sea ice or land ice that has the biggest impact on rising sea levels 

  • Renewable energy experiment. Students must determine whether the energy we get from fossil fuels or biofuels is more efficient and is better suited to powering our homes and businesses. They must also design and build a wind turbine to test this renewables ability to provide clean, sustainable energy 

  • Ocean acidification experiment. Students will explore the interrelation between rising carbon in the atmosphere, rising global temperatures, and the increasing acidification of our oceans 

Key facts:

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Curriculum information

Science - Earth & Space Sciences - Renewable resources; Relative positions of the Earth

ACSSU115 | VCSSU099 | SC4-12ES

Science - Earth & Space Sciences - Global systems & the carbon cycle

ACSSU189 | VCSSU128 | SC5-13ES



15 - 20 lessons

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