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A Hero's Tale

Why do we tell stories of heroism?

It is likely that for the whole span of human history we have told each other stories of heroism. They captivate, inspire, teach, and entertain us. But why? Why do they seem so important to us as a race?


Students must conduct an inquiry into stories of heroism. In doing so, they will develop an understanding of what it means to be a hero and the importance of stories of heroism.


Ultimately, they will be better equipped to select and tell a story of heroism of their own 


Key tasks

  • Exploration of hero stories. Students will explore what makes a hero story and why they are so important to us. In doing so, students will reflect on their understanding of what makes a hero and will meditate on who can be a hero in today’s society


  • Create a hero’s tale. Students must work in teams to choose a hero who has not had their story told. They must create a hero’s tale which they can then write a script for and turn into a vodcast 

Key facts:

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Curriculum information

English – Heroes

ACELT1619-21 & ACELT1625 | VCELT372-375 | EN4-2A, 4-6C, 4-8D



15 - 20 lessons

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