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A Healthier City

How can we make our cities healthy again?

Students examine the health impact of life in our cities, assessing how air and water pollution affects human health at a cellular level and the function of our organs.


Students must create a public health campaign to warn people of these health risks and to persuade the Government to take action to reduce the prevalence of pollution!


Key tasks


  • Measuring pollution. Students will learn how air and water pollution is measured. They will then complete experiments to measure the PPM in their local area and to collect and analyse a water sample to assess how polluted it is 

  • Modelling lungs. Students will simulate the functioning of the lungs and will then complete an experiment modelling the journey of air pollution through the body until it lodges in a person’s lungs. Students will use this to explore the pollutant’s impact on our organs 

Key facts:

Curriculum information

Science - Biological Sciences - Cells, organs, & bodily systems in multi-cellular organisms

ACSSU149-50 | VCSSU092 & VCSSU094 | SC5-14LW


15 - 20 lessons


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