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Kick-start your PBL journey with eduSTEM’s full-day and half-day PBL training.

Starting PBL can often feel like taking the first steps in a foreign country: unfamiliar, exciting, and downright intimidating! eduSTEM’s PBL Kick-start Training helps teachers taking their first steps into PBL develop the confidence and skills to run a successful student-driven project. Alternatively, for those schools with a few projects under their belts, eduSTEM’s PBL Ramp-up Training helps teachers fine-tune their projects and classroom delivery to take their PBL implementation to the next level.

PBL Kick-start


You don’t learn to ride a bike through a lecture, and it is the same with PBL. The best way to learn how to implement PBL in the classroom is to actually be immersed in a project yourself. In PBL Kick-start we immerse staff in a project experience, allowing teachers to understand the project from the perspective of their students, whilst mastering the fundamentals of PBL delivery.   

What's covered?

  • An introduction to PBL: Why use PBL and what you can expect in the PBL journey

  • Framing the problem: How to get students to buy in to and engage with the project

  • Introduction to design thinking: Each phase of eduSTEM’s design thinking process is introduced, and key components modelled in the classroom

  • Managing the classroom: How to help students drive their own learning across a project

  • Assessment: How to assess students’ progress through the project

  • Trouble-shooting: Understand the key risk points in a project, the types of problems normally encountered, and how to troubleshoot them

  • Project Showcase: How to set up and run the final showcase to blow your school community away!


One of our PBL Experts will facilitate the training at your school.


Full-day preferable, however a half-day is a possibility.

PBL Ramp-up


Take your PBL skillset to the next level. Teachers complete a pre-training assessment to develop a PBL SWOT and determine their opportunities for development, allowing our PBL Experts to adjust the training to their specific requirements.  

What's covered?

  • Intermediate PBL skills:

- Framing curriculum content in the project

- Deepening student discussion and developing intellectual rigour

- Engaging in student coaching conversations

- Facilitating team work

- Prototyping physical products

- Peer-driven feedback protocols for improving staff delivery

- Facilitate cross-department handovers


One of our PBL Experts will facilitate the training at your school.


Full-day preferable, however a half-day is a possibility.


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