Connecting the world

The internet is changing the world, but those living in rural areas or communities lacking infrastructure are missing out. What can you do to help?

The internet is a crucial enabler for so many people, providing a means of communication, education, and livelihood. However, many communities do not have fixed telephone lines and rely on wireless, mobile internet. Students use their knowledge of the Earth's position and rotation to create and launch satellites which would be located so that a universal internet could be created.

Key facts:


Connecting Our World can be tailored to run as a 2-day inset, or can be run across an entire school term.


This project can be tailored to run as a standalone STEM subject, or integrate one or more of the following subjects: Maths, Science, Digital Technologies, Art, Commerce, Geography and English.


Resources include student workbooks, teacher lesson plans, teacher classroom presentation, and Staff Professional Development.


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